About The Author

Dr. GrantDr. Gilbert J. Grant earned his BA at the University of Michigan in 1978 and his MD from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1982. After completing an internship in obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City and a residency in anesthesiology at New York University Medical Center, in 1986 Dr. Grant joined the Department of Anesthesiology of New York University Medical Center, where he is currently an associate professor, director of obstetric anesthesia, and vice chairman for academic affairs. In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Grant has continuously been engaged in clinical and laboratory research focused on improving patient care. He was an active participant in the changeover from the “old-fashioned” epidural in vogue at the beginning of his career to the “walking” epidural he now routinely administers. Since 1989 he has worked on developing an ultra-long-acting local anesthetic designed to provide sustained pain relief. Dr. Grant has published numerous scientific papers and chapters for medical textbooks, and he lectures at educational institutions and scientific meetings in the United States and abroad.